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Dear Great Dane Lover

In 2011 we registered our Kennel name with the Kennel Union of South Africa..

We both grew up in Namibia and this country is very close to our hearts. When it came to choosing a name for our Kennel, we did not think twice! Something out of Namibia would be our Kennel Name.
Many names crossed our mind, but Brukkaros were the one that stuck. This 80 million year old volcanic mountain in the South of Namibia always made an impression when we drove past it. Just like the Great Dane who will always make an impression when you see one.

In the years to come we will strive to breed Great Danes that are healthy, strong in character, correct in body and long living. Future puppy owners will be selected carefully to ensure all our babies get what they deserve….lots of love, attention and families that accept them as part of the family.

It is an honour to welcome you to our website and hope you enjoy the visit and our lovely Great Danes!

Coen & Lana de Klerk